Create Fantastically Pure Air with Air Fantastic

Using technology developed by NASA, Air Fantastic air purifiers drastically reduce both airborne and surface contaminants. Air Fantastic is by far the best air purifier for mold and other contaminants. In fact, a study at West Texas A&M proved Air Fantastic air purifiers can reduce the amounts of airborne dust, pollen, fungus, bacteria and mold by 99%.

These incredible results were achieved without the use of chemicals, enzymes, synthetic deodorizers or anti-bacterial substances. Air Fantastic air purifiers use a catalytic process that converts the moisture in the air into sanitizing ions that scatter throughout an entire room, or even an entire house. This environmentally friendly process not only sanitizes the air, but also does not create any harmful by-products.

Both our stand alone units and HVAC inserts are energy efficient. Most Air Fantastic machines use only about 40 watts. Combine this energy efficiency with the proven health benefits of purified air and the choice is clear: Air Fantastic.

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